SIB 0.38 – Smart Ambrosia

In this episode, we have an echo problem at the beginning. So, the first 3 minutes were cut out so you don’t get annoyed with us. We talk about Easter, Misheard lyrics, Running / Walking dogs, The new Thor Ragnarok trailer & Star Wars Last Jedi Trailer, and Smart Technology. We also try an awesome beer from Hickory, NC & some Goo Goo Clusters from Nashville, TN.

SIB 0.35 Anal Gland Expression and its Greg’s Fault

Josh and Josh are at it again this week.  Greg came down with some version of a plague and he gets blamed for most everything that goes wrong this week.  Even though he is missing, he is here via a photo headshot of Greg.

Josh talks about misplacing his shoes, melting a tuperware lid and wasting money.

The other Josh tells a disgusting story of his dog needing his anal glands expressed and the mess that ensues.